TheMetagrobologist Magazine: Issue 8

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TheMetagrobologist Magazine: Issue 8

Currently in development (April-May 2022)

In this issue, follow us as we explore the very latest mechanical puzzle news and designs. Kate Jones is an intensely focused puzzle designer from the USA. A former graphic designer, philosopher and ballroom dance teacher, she is deeply passionate about her work and internationally respected. As President of Kadon Enterprises (a company she co-founded in 1979), Kate has spent over 40 years redefining what a puzzle is. Representing the company as its chief researcher/designer, Kate has developed and produced hundreds of original games and puzzles known as gamepuzzles®, all mathematical recreations. Many of these are known not just for their elegance, but also for their aesthetic geometric qualities.

TheMetagrobologist had the great pleasure of interviewing Kate and used the opportunity to explore the story behind the Kadon brand, her background, design process, the use of puzzles in education, and endeavours on new projects.

Also this issue

We’ve long been admirers of Michael Toulouzas and his work. A talented puzzle designer and craftsman from Athens, Greece, we have long wanted to share his work in the pages of TheMetagrobologist. Mike has a unique style with intricacies and details that have been painstakingly implemented. Michael is not your average mechanical puzzle designer by any stretch of the imagination. His creations have won him a string of honours, including several IPP awards and are like nothing you have ever experienced. Mike reflects on his journey into the world of puzzle design, what he has learned along the way, the challenges faced to remain competitive, and how he continuously works to remain at the top of his game. He shares his thoughts on his unique philosophy, reveals the fascinating narrative behind his award-winning IPP designs and unveils some exciting new and upcoming projects. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading through his thoughts and reflections.

We also share an exclusive interview with Yavuz Demirhan, a popular and highly regarded puzzle designer and craftsman based in Turkey with a unique creative skill and artistic mind. Born and raised in Germany, Yavuz explored Mexico in his youth, learning Spanish and woodworking, until moving back to be with his parents in Turkey, where he established a workshop to pursue a career making wooden mechanical puzzles.

We were really curious to learn more about his craft, and in this special feature, he shares his artistic journey and talks about his medium, giving an honest look into the challenges he faces in his workshop with the realities of running a business while being an artist.

Yavuz explores his shop Cubozone, the tools used and technology, the inspirations behind many of his popular puzzles, the IPP, and the puzzles he likes to solve. He also presents a helpful perspective for others who might be on a similar path.

When you hear the words 'Impossible Bottles', the first name that comes to mind is Harry Eng. Harry was known worldwide as the 'master' of Impossible Bottles. Yet, there is another person, who, since Harry’s death in 1996, is not only following in his footsteps, keeping the art alive but is becoming known as the modern-day Harry Eng. His name is Jeff Scanlan. This month, we also present a wonderful article on Impossible Bottles.

Also in this issue, we are also delighted to present an exploration of Major MacMahon’s Revenge by Robert A. Beeler, Ph.D.

Welcome to the eighth issue of our magazine, and thank you for reading, following and supporting us!!

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