Creative Studio & Contributions

TheMetagrobologist Magazine provides a wider perspective on the mechanical puzzle industry with an emphasis on the design process, creativity and craftsmanship.

TheMetagrobologist Magazine offers brands creative and strategic expertise in the world of mechanical puzzles and puzzle communication. We are happy to partner with the world's best puzzle stores, designers and craftsmen to create exclusive content to influence global puzzle communities.

Please note we are currently accepting pitches or submissions for issues 7 and 8 (2020). 

-We accept contributions in all forms, whether a concept or a fully fleshed out feature or article, as long as sufficient research and context is included in your feature.

-We do not define a specific word count, but if you would like your piece to be considered for TheMetagrobologist Magazine, please send a submission of at least 1000 words.

 -Work should be original and unpublished elsewhere.

 -We accept submissions about any topic, speed-cubing, puzzle design, craftsmanship, woodworking, 3D printing, origami and folding, almost anything so long as it relates to recreational mathematics and mechanical puzzles.

-Please include a brief biography or resumé with your submission. Send any previously published stories or information you think gives us context about you as a writer.

-We cannot promise a specific turnaround for submissions or queries, nor can we promise a response to every submission we receive. However, if you haven’t heard back from us, feel free to follow up.

-No anonymous submissions or pseudonyms, please.

To discuss about your project please contact