About Us

What is TheMetagrobologist Magazine?


We believe a magazine about mechanical puzzles should be as beautiful as the subjects it encompasses. Our passion for bringing designers and craftsmen as well as collectors together to create high quality content shines through on every page. 

TheMetagrobologist magazine was founded in July 2015 by Dave Holt, a puzzle lover and collector, who is currently living in Manchester, UK. TheMetagrobologist is on a continual search for sharing the very best in puzzles design, craftsmanship and exclusives. We believe firmly in enjoyment and beauty of puzzling. That the enjoyment of well-made, quality mechanical puzzles and recreational mathematics enhances life and should be celebrated.

The magazine grew from a supportive correspondence with Brian and Sue Young (from the terrific Mr Puzzle Australia - http://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/ who encouraged us to contact contributors, puzzle designers, craftsmen and recreational mathematicians far and wide, to expand our love of the puzzle community. 

The TheMetagrobologist Magazine is our way of educating readers on the value of mechanical puzzles, and to share our enthusiasm. Our role in this mission is small but unique, bringing together a wide variety of interviews, features and exclusives that suit an audience who consumes the study of recreational mathematics and metagrobology. We have always been great lovers of 'print' and the world of independent magazines. We want TheMetagrobologist Magazine to become a treasured collectable to slide into your magazine rack, ready to be pulled out in many years time to be enjoyed all over again. TheMetagrobologist Magazine exists to share the joys of our puzzle experience, and the value of the Aha! moment.

Why are there hundreds of magazines but none about the Mechanical Puzzles and Recreational Mathematics? 

With your help, that can change today. Since 2013, we’ve grown our previous three digital issues readership to over 20 countries, made almost 20,000 friends on Facebook and met amazing puzzle collectors, designers, craftsmen and puzzle fanatics (known as metagrobologists) along the way.

Now we’re ready to take TheMetagrobologist Magazine to print. 

Why Print Now?

Despite the accessibility of an online format, it is temporal. We want TheMetagrobologist Magazine to be experienced, shared, and kept as you would a good book. For people who care about exotic wooden puzzle boxes, mechanical puzzles and of course craftsmanship and design, who want really nice things, we want to give them something that really feels worth it, a physical product and a tangible TheMetagrobologist  experience that says, ‘I’m a thinking puzzle fan.’ 

A printed version embodies the experience of holding a new exotic wooden puzzle from Pelikan Puzzles or Mr Puzzle Australia, a fine metallic lock from Rainer Popp and Shane Hales, or a Puzzle Box from Robert Yarger, Kagen Sound or Kelly Snache. We hope our stories, interviews and features will foster: intimate, contemplative moments that challenge and encourage. We also believe in retreating from purely digital consumption, in removing ourselves from distractions to allow more room for thought and discovery.

We have learned a lot in the process of making our first four issues.  After publishing online for the last several years, we’ve taken TheMetagrobologist Magazine as far as we can on our own. Thus new website is an invitation to collaborate with us and the makers we support. It’s a way to offset the cost of sharing theses stories widespread through print so that we can continue bringing together more from all over the world! The support we have already received has helped us realise how excited collectors, designers, craftsman and writers were to contribute to the magazine, and we are really happy and proud of what TheMetagrobologist has accomplished individually and the faith in what we were doing!

Issue 07 and Beyond?

Incredible-designers are not just our subjects but they’re also our collaborators. Issue 01-04 featured some amazing features and articles and TheMetagrobologist is the perfect place for showcasing these ideas. In Issue 6 we’ll be discussing everything from sledge and jigs to burr tools, TIC's to Japanese puzzle boxes, hedgehog puzzles to the very latest mechanical puzzles.

Let's change the conversation together.

We’re thrilled about the opportunity to explore topics around the future of mechanical puzzles and recreational mathematics through issue-specific deep dives. We’ve planned the features for the first six issues and are already working on Issue 07, 08 and 09. 

If we can gather funds and reach a £2k goal, we will produce those issues quicker and in print.